Here's the thing about finding your soul mate: all of the big-picture stuff seems to come right into focus. You've found your person. You're ready to spend the rest of your life working together as an unbeatable team - diving head-first into parenting, communicating with love and patience no matter the issue, and making each other's dreams come true.

Sometimes what throws couples off-track from the big picture is simply the day-to-day. Little things build up over time to become resentments, pain, and confusion.

How well do you communicate during disagreements?

Are you helping each other out with daily tasks?

Do you let minor irritations get in the way of respect and enjoyment of your partner?

Sometimes a relationship trauma comes up out of nowhere, and brings everything into question.

Infidelity can shatter trust. An impasse on major life choices - whether to have kids, whether to get married - can seem insurmountable.

The approach to therapy that I follow, Gottman Method Couples Therapy, can help clients move through big and small couple issues by strengthening friendship and bridging distance.

Learn how to stay positive toward your partner, even when you disagree with each other. Practice respectful communication styles to get you through even the hardest of discussions. Remind yourselves of all the reasons why you chose each other in the first place.

And have sex!

As a mind-body-focused sex therapist, I can talk you through the steps toward finding your lost libido and reconnecting sexually with yourself and your partner.

Get started on healing your relationship with a free 15-minute phone consultation.