For the overworked, overwhelmed, and overachieving - there is more to life than this.

You’re ready to live free of self-judgment, anxiety, depression, and black-and-white thinking. You’re ready to find the ease and enjoyment that always feels as though it’s right around the corner.

As a strengths-based therapist, I come from an empowerment model designed to help clients reclaim their lives. 

My guess is you're a perfectionist, so you likely already have a list of behaviors and personality traits you’d like to change – and I offer a range of cognitive-behavioral techniques to help my clients get some quick progress toward their therapy goals. But as we work together to look at the larger picture of your life, we may find the deeper areas that thirst for nurturance and recognition. 

I draw from psychology research to select the tools that are most effective in helping to grow clients' confidence, creativity, and connection to others.

If you’re ready to work toward living more genuinely, freeing yourself from anxiety and self-doubt, and strengthening your relationships with the people who matter most to you, contact me for a free 15-minute phone consultation to discuss whether therapy with me is the right fit for you.

Nurture Your Strengths

Many of us find it hard to know our self-worth well enough to expect the best out of life - from our jobs, from our relationships, and even from our leisure activities. You may stop yourself from dreaming about the things you want most in life, avoiding the wall of worry that lies between you and your goals. Let's work together to abolish the thoughts and patterns that keep you from living your unbound life.

Live Free from Self-Doubt

When anxiety has a strong toe-hold in our lives, it can drive us to work well past our capacity. We can find ourselves becoming sick or stressed out or exhausted in the search for perfection. Imagine having a new outlook - one in which it's okay to make mistakes, to be human; an outlook in which genuineness is valued over flawlessness. Imagine living a life unfettered by shame, self-doubt, and stuckness.


Invest In Your Relationships

It is a common struggle nowadays, the quest for true connectedness. Whether you are looking to start dating, seeking to form a strong friend group after moving to a new city, or hoping to better understand the struggles you are facing in your partnership - sometimes you need a little help figuring it all out. We can bring connectedness into your life by trying new tactics and banishing old, destructive patterns.