By popular demand, I offer a therapy approach that fits the needs of busy, hardworking folks like you who are looking to break through one or two primary areas of stuckness.

What I love most about intensives is that they get you some seriously quick wins. If you’re looking to deep-dive into an issue that’s been plaguing you for awhile and really get a handle on it — in just a day or two — an intensive may be the perfect fit for you.

Therapy intensives can help you:

  • Discover the secrets to mastering the procrastination that’s keeping you from meeting your goals.

  • Find out why you and your partner are struggling so much with communication.

  • Develop a plan to change that old habit you’ve never been able to break – and then actually follow through on it.

  • And much, much more!

 I offer the following lengths for my therapy intensives:

  • Half-day: a 4-hour day consisting of four 50-minute sessions

  • Full-day: an 8-hour day consisting of seven 50-minute sessions (and a lunch break!)

  • 2-day: two 8-hour days, totaling 14 50-minute sessions (and two lunch breaks!)

 Your therapy intensive comes with a number of bonuses:

  • For individuals, a 50-minute assessment session where we’ll identify and define your area of concern and outline a treatment approach.

  • For couples, 3 50-minute assessment sessions – one joint session and two individual sessions – where we’ll get a thorough picture of the communication issues you’re struggling with.

  • A personalized treatment toolkit, with worksheets, goals, and relevant articles and books, that will support you in reaching your treatment goals.

  • A post-treatment session to check in on your progress and adjust the follow-up plan as needed.

Ready to find out more about whether a therapy intensive is right for you? Sign up for your free 15-minute phone consultation and let’s chat about it!